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Unsane 2018
5.5 of 188


HD 6.40 98 min
Sawyer Valentini is naturally clinical in thought which makes her good at her latest job as a data analyst for a bank. That natural way has also led to her not being able to maintain personal relationships, whether it be friends, lovers or family. Even with her mother Angela Valentini, Sawyer has erected barriers, and without telling her as much only discloses information to her on a need to know basis. But what has made Sawyer not want to maintain these personal relationships in losing trust in people is that she was stalked by an admirer, David Strine, he the primary reason she took this analyst job in Pennsylvania to escape from David and her hometown of Boston regardless of the restraining order she has against him. The fact of there being a "David" is something that Sawyer has not told her mother. Sawyer often will imagine others as David, which she knows is irrational but which nonetheless is affecting her negatively. After the latest such incident of imagining someone she meets as David, Sawyer feels the need to speak to a mental health professional, the closest that she is able to find online being at the Highland Creek Behavioral Center. In signing what she is told by the counselor there are standard liability forms, Sawyer discovers what she has actually signed are voluntary 24-hour commitment forms. Her belligerent behavior and other circumstances lead to her commitment period being extended to one week, the maximum under law. In trying to get out of the locked facility among a group of "crazies", Sawyer befriends one other patient, Nate Hoffman, who is in the one month opioid withdrawal program. During this time, Sawyer begins to believe that one of the new night shift orderlies calling himself George Shaw is David. Is this one of her irrational hallucinations or real? Regardless, both "George" and Sawyer's lives and by association the lives of those close to Sawyer are placed at risk as Sawyer deals with this real or imaginary threat in the form of who she believes is David.


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