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Can't Hardly Wait 1998
6.5 of 110

Can't Hardly Wait

HD 6.50 100 min
In the evening following their convocation, most of the graduating class of Huntington Hillside High School is attending a house party, a final blow-out for their class before their lives diverge in different directions. However, many have a specific goal for the party. Brainiac nerd William Lichter is determined to get back at egotistical jock Mike Dexter, *the* big man on campus, for the years of bullying he's endured at Mike's hands. Kenny Fisher, who transformed himself in high school into a white version of Tupac Shakur in order to become popular (it which he is unaware didn't work), wants to lose his virginity. Denise Fleming, who most see as being stuck up in their belief that she thinks she's better i.e. smarter than they all are, was not going to attend, but does so to support her only true friend in he arguably being the most determined in his goal for the evening. That friend is straight-laced aspiring writer Preston Meyers, who is heading off to Boston the following day to attend a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. writing workshop. At the party, he wants to fulfill what he believes has been his destiny for four years in getting together with the prom queen, Amanda Beckett, when he learned earlier in the day that Mike, her boyfriend all through high school, had just broken up with her in Mike's want now only to date college girls, he trying to convince his entourage to do the same. For four years, Preston has been carrying around one version or another of a love letter he's written to Amanda, and wants to give it to her to express what he can more easily say in writing than verbally. He may not get a chance as many believe Amanda won't even show up in what they believe is her humiliation. The evening may not end up as any of the above had in mind, those people including the hostess of the party.


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