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A Matter of Life and Death 1946
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A Matter of Life and Death

HDRip 8.10 104 min
On May 2, 1945, RAF pilot Peter Carter, returning back to England from a bombing mission over Germany, knows that he faces certain death in his plane having been hit and being in flames, the rest of his crew who he has already ordered to parachute to safety or have died on board, the one in that latter category being his friend, Bob Trubshawe. Peter's final words are with a WAC radio operator based in England who he learns is an American named June. In the course of their several minute conversation, they fall in love despite knowing Peter's imminent fate. Rather than die in a fiery crash or be incinerated mid-flight, Peter decides he'd rather die by ejecting himself from the plane despite having no parachute. Miraculously, Peter survives the fall awakening several hours later on the English beach. From his and June's discussion, he knows he is near where she lives and is able to locate her, the two who instantaneously fall in love in person. The problem is that Peter, according to the cosmos, was supposed to die, the only reason he didn't being the Conductor in the celestial heavens that was supposed to retrieve Peter missed him during the fall in what was the dense English fog, this the first such error of a missed body in over a thousand years. Peter and June having fallen in love in the intervening twenty hours between the time Peter was supposed to die and when the error was discovered causes an issue in retrieving Peter now. In the Conductor contacting Peter and Peter only on Earth about taking him to what was supposed to be his rightful place in the heavens, Peter indeed protests, not so much in fearing death but in his love for June and not wanting to leave her side on Earth. As such, he appeals his death sentence which will eventually lead to a trial in the heavens to decide his imminent fate. Beyond preparing for the trial itself, Peter also tries to understand in a Earthly sense why he survived and if what he is currently experiencing is real or a fantasy of his own making. With June's help, Peter consults with her friend, neurologist Dr. Frank Reeves which may have some unintended consequences in taking Earthly human actions to deal with something otherworldly.


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